Cargo Liners and Cargo Mats

Husky Liners® Weatherbeater™️ Cargo Liner

The original all-weather liner is ready, come hell or hot coffee. The Weatherbeater’s construction is a no-slip zone with zero edge curl, and its Stay Put Nibs keep it firmly anchored under cargo. It stands up to chemicals like gas, oil and battery acid, and stays tough and flexible, even under extreme temperatures.

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Husky Liners® Classic Style Cargo Liner

Our Classic Style Liners set the mold for auto floor protection. Featuring our rugged diamond plate look and FormFit™ design, these classic liners offer protection for vehicles dating all the way back to the 1970s.

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Husky Liners® Cargo Logic

Husky Liners® Cargo Logic system makes it easy to master your cargo. No more haphazard sliding and tumbling round, your items are gripped and guarded.

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Why Choose Husky Liners® Cargo Mats

Husky Liners® has dominated the automotive floor protection industry since our conception in 1988. What began as floor mats and liners quickly transitioned into other areas, like the rear cargo area. 

Our premium Weatherbeater™ Cargo Liners utilize the same robust construction and FormFit™ design as our top-selling floor mats and liners, offering exceptional durability, slip-resistant finishes, easy cleaning, and flawless fitment. 

When it comes to interior protection, stick with the experts at Husky Liners®. We back our premium, USA-made cargo liners with industry-leading lifetime warranties. And when you order cargo liners from us, you aren’t just receiving a top-of-the-line product—our cargo liners also include our unmatched customer support, available to answer any questions you may have for the lifetime of your Husky Liners® product.

Benefits of Cargo Liners and Mats

So, why install cargo liners and cargo mats in the first place? 

Like a pickup truck’s bed or vehicle’s floorboards, an SUV or Jeep’s® rear cargo area constantly faces wear and tear while transporting precious cargo, whether groceries, building supplies, or the family dog. 

cargo liners guard the stain and wear-prone carpet against damages, providing a full-coverage, chemical-resistant, weatherproof surface to load all cargo types without concern. The non-slip surface prevents excessive cargo shifting while exceptional chemical resistance guards against oil and chemical spills.

When it’s time to clean up your ride, Husky Liners® cargo mats can be uninstalled in seconds. Cleaning is just as easy—just spray, dry, and reinstall to rejuvenate your cargo area.