Organizers and Consoles

Husky Liners® GearBox Storage Boxes

There's a place for everything in the Gearbox®. It keeps whatever you bring stowed and neatly organized under the back seat. Guaranteed for life. Made in the USA.

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Husky Liners® Cargo Logic

Husky Liners® Cargo Logic system makes it easy to master your cargo. No more haphazard sliding and tumbling round, your items are gripped and guarded.

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Husky Liners® Claw Mount Vent Phone Holder

The Claw Vent Mount Phone Holder turns ordinary air vents into phone mounts. It keeps your phone high for easy viewing in your natural line of sight, while our StayPut grip anchors it firmly in place with no chance of scratching your phone’s surface.

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Benefits of Truck Organizers and Consoles

Proper organization is crucial to maintain a clean, orderly vehicle. Without optimizing your storage solutions, you'll quickly lose track of items, reduce efficiency during recovery efforts and roadside repairs, or worse…develop a reputation for having a messy truck.

organizers and consoles help optimize your vehicle’s existing storage space, adding dividers to contain cargo and locking compartments to safeguard your valuables against thieves. 

With quality organizers and consoles, your vehicle will be better organized, cargo will be easier to find, and your valuables will be safer than ever.

Why Choose Husky Liners® Consoles and Organizers

Though Husky Liners® specializes in vehicle protection products, our accessories don’t stop there. We offer consoles and organizers to organize your gear and maximize your space. 

Products like the Husky Liners® GearBox® Under Seat Storage and Organizers help optimize existing space in your pickup truck, allowing you to securely store tools, emergency supplies, and other valuables beneath the rear seats. Husky Liners® GearBox® features durable construction, integrated dividers, and a non-skid finish, preventing shifting while driving to keep your cargo well organized. GearBox® is also chemical-resistant, resisting spilled oil, fuel additives, and other chemicals commonly found aboard pickups. 

We also offer organizers for SUVs and Jeeps®, like the Husky Liners® Cargo Logic. This system helps to lock items in place using Husky Liners®’ Cargo Logic Loks and all-weather mat, preventing cargo shifting. 

We proudly manufacture Husky Liners® consoles and organizers in the USA. We back Cargo Logic and GearBox® systems with our limited lifetime warranty and industry-leading customer support.

Types of Consoles and Organizers

There are several console and organizer types available, ranging from factory-installed accessories to aftermarket add-ons. The most popular include: 

Center Consoles:

Center consoles come standard on most vehicles, except those with bench and jump seats. These consoles mount between the driver and passenger front seats with convenient storage for smaller items.

Seatback Organizers:

Most factory upholstery features integrated seatback organizers, often called map pockets. These pockets can hold maps, documents, tablets, and other flat items. Alternatively, aftermarket seat back organizers include multiple pockets and storage compartments to better organize emergency supplies, children’s toys, and more. 

Floor Consoles:

Floor consoles are commonly found in front of bench and jump seats. These small, low consoles often feature cup holders and minimal storage space for small items like cell phones and wallets. 

Underseat Organizers:

These organizers, like the Husky Liners® GearBox®, optimize existing space beneath your pickup truck’s rear seats. They often feature robust constructions and integrated dividers for improved organization and security. 

Lockboxes / Safes:

Compact, lockable safes provide added security for valuable items. Most examples feature vehicle-specific designs that mount under seats, in factory center consoles, etc.

Why Choose Husky Liners® Phone Holders

In this day and age, amidst the seemingly never-ending technological boom, there’s worse than hopping inside your vehicle without a safe, secure, and easily accessible place to set your smartphone. Fortunately, Husky Liners® carries just the products and accessories to get the job done. 

Our high-quality cell phone holders and wireless charging mounts offer a sturdy grip with full charging capabilities, allowing you to set, forget, and arrive at your destination with your device fully charged. 

We utilize only the finest quality components to keep your valuable lifeline safe and sound. Premium suction cups, robust clips, and sturdy arms firmly secure each mount to your vehicle and your phone to the mount. 

Our mounts feature universal fitments to grip nearly any tablet-style cell phone. Padded clips allow each mount to form to your device while preventing unsightly scrapes and scuffs. Our mounts also allow 360-degree rotation, allowing portrait or landscape usage. 

Benefits of Cell Phone Holders and Mounts

So, why install cell phone holders and mounts anyway? 

Cell phone holders and mounts provide convenience and safety, positioning your cell phone in a safe, secure, and easily accessible location. 

While we don't condone using your mobile device while driving, having said device positioned within your field of view for maps and navigation is essential. This allows you to keep your eyes on the road while driving. This positioning is vital for hands-free operation and quick viewing of smartphone-integrated automotive accessories, like monitors and high-tech suspension systems. 

Cell phone holders and mounts, like our Wireless Charging Vent Mount Holder, also feature charging capabilities, allowing you to juice up your device while performing battery-draining tasks like navigating and streaming media.  

Selecting the Right Phone Mount

So, which phone holder is right for you? We offer several types at Husky Liners, including different mounting and charging options.

Window-Mount versus Vent-Mount

We offer two popular mounting options: window-mount and vent-mount. Window-mount options affix your mobile device to a suction-cup-mounted arm that you can position anywhere on the front windshield. Alternatively, vent-mount options affix your phone to your vehicle's A/C vents. 

Both options have benefits and downsides—for instance, vent mounts can disturb the air flowing out of the vents, reducing efficiency. Vent mounts are also typically limited to conventionally shaped vents, as unusually shaped or circular vents may not be compatible. 

Window mounts use strong suction cups for mounting, though they can lose suction over time, especially if you frequently remove or move the mount. Still, they allow more versatility with positioning. 

Wireless-Charging versus Standard

All mounts are technically charger-compatible, though some feature integrated wireless chargers while others feature clearance for charging cables. 

Remember, wireless charging phone mounts, like our Wireless Charging Vent Mount Holder, are only effective when paired with Qi-certified devices. Most smartphones manufactured after 2017 feature the technology.