Rocker Panels

Husky Liners® Truck Trail Armor Rocker Panel Kit

Husky Trail Armor Truck Rocker Panels are engineered to keep dents and scrapes at bay. It’s trail-ready protection That’s a snap to install with provided clips and 3M™ automotive-grade adhesive—no drilling, no fuss, and no rock damage, period.

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Bushwacker Trail Armor Rocker Panels

Your truck’s rockers are more susceptible to damage than other parts of the vehicle, especially when you go off-road. Due to their location, rocker panels often come in contact with hard obstacles while on the trail. Add extra protection and support to your vehicle’s frame while adding a rugged look with the Bushwacker Trail Armor Rocker Panels.

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Benefits of Rocker Panels

If you live in the north, where road salt use runs rampant in the Winter, you’re familiar with rust-ridden body panels. While Swiss-cheese bedsides and rust-bubbled fenders are bad enough, arguably the most rust-prone area of any vehicle is its rocker panels, the area of the cab directly beneath the doors. 

Whether trekking off-road or cruising down the highway, rocker panels’ low and exposed positioning makes them a prime target for rock chips and scratches. If left untreated, these seemingly insignificant damages can lead to massive rust issues, eating away at the previously sound metal in as little as a single Winter.  

Fortunately, Husky Liners® has the solution: heavy-duty rocker panel guards! Rocker panel protectors help to prevent dings, dents, chips, and scratches on your vehicle’s rust-prone rocker panels, keeping rust and corrosion at bay. These products are also ideal for dedicated wheelers, as they’ll help to absorb impacts and prevent unsightly trail scars. 

Customers can even use our rocker panel protectors to temporarily boost the aesthetics of a rusty vehicle by covering existing damages for a rejuvenated appearance.

Why Choose Husky Liners® Rocker Panels

Don’t settle for competitors’ poorly-fitting, poor-quality rocker panels. Instead, stick to the experts in automotive protection: Husky Liners®. 

Our Trail Armor Rocker Panels feature nail-tough Thermoplastic Polyolefins (TPO) construction, absorbing impacts and abrasions without fatigue. These accessories stretch from the inner door seal to the pinch weld, providing comprehensive coverage for maximum protection.   

Husky Liners® Trail Armor Rocker Panels feature a simple, snap-on installation that requires zero drilling or other modifications. We manufacture all Trail Armor Rocker Panels in the USA and back each order with our industry-leading lifetime warranty and unbeatable customer service.