Fender Flares

Husky Liners® RVL Fender Flares™

Husky RVL Fender Flares™ not only feature an integrated LED running light/turn signal, they also seamlessly transition into a mud flap at the rear, giving you double-duty protection that perfectly blends with the contours of your make and model.

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Husky Liners® OE-Style Fender Flares

Husky Liners® OE-Style Fender Flares give you the perfect balance of flexible strength and low-profile style. Its Dura-Flex 2000 ABS material provides a dense, scratch-resistant surface to withstand any environment and tough enough to maintain their style. Accents the factory look while providing premium tire protection. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty with a smooth matte-black, paint-ready finish.

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Why Choose Husky Liners Fender Flares?

Husky Liners® Fender Flares offer exceptional protection and rugged styling, guarding your ride’s paint finish in style! 

Husky Liners® Fender Flares offer several benefits over our competitors, including durable constructions, aggressive styling, and unmatched fit and finish. No matter the application, our fender flares feature no-drill installations using pre-existing mounting holes. If you decide to remove your Husky Liners® flares down the road (though we doubt you will), they’ll leave no lasting marks. 

Construction-wise, we utilize only high-quality ABS for superior impact and abrasion resistance. Whether brushed against a tree limb or smacked with a kicked-up rock, our fender flares will withstand all abuse. 

Husky Liners® Fender Flares are ready to install right out of the box, featuring a UV-resistant finish that won’t fade in the sun. They’re also paint-ready if color-matched flares better suit your style—just scuff and shoot. 

Our fender Flares are perfect for any truck, Jeep®, or SUV. We back all of our fender flares with a Limited lifetime warranty.

Benefits of Fender Flares

Fender flares offer a few significant benefits, with the first being protection. When rocks and debris eject from your vehicle’s tire treads, they can considerably damage painted bedsides, quarter panels, and fenders. Fender flares provide the coverage necessary to capture and deflect kicked-up debris, preventing chips and scratches to inner fender lips, rocker panels, and doors. 

Next, fender flares help to ensure legality on the road. Most states feature tire coverage laws, which specify the distance that tires can legally protrude from fenders. If your aftermarket wheels and tires protrude too far, you may be liable for a citation. Fender flares help to boost tire coverage, minimizing or eliminating tire protrusion to maintain legality on the road. 

Lastly, fender flares notably improve aesthetics. Nothing makes for a more aggressive ride than increasing its track width, and fender flares help to do just that.

Choosing the Right Fender Flares

When selecting fender flares for your vehicle, consider the following factors to ensure you’ve settled on your ideal product.

Consider Your Vehicle’s Characteristics

What type of vehicle do you drive? What terrain do you typically drive across? Considering your vehicle's characteristics and surroundings helps narrow down which fender flare style best suits your needs.

Consider Your Aesthetic Preferences

Which fender flares best suit your vehicle? Do you prefer the rugged, off-road-inspired styling of our max-coverage RVL Fender Flares or the factory-inspired contours of our OE-Style Fender Flares? We offer multiple fender flare styles, ensuring a product that fits every preference.

Consider Installation Type and Difficulty

Of course, all of our fender flares feature direct-fit installations—however, some styles may be more intensive than others. For instance, our RVL Fender Flares feature integrated marker lights that require wiring on most applications.