Hi, had a set of your floor liners for my 2005 Subaru Forester. Just sold it with 395k miles. Need a set for my 2014 Subaru Forester. Let me know when they are being made and I will buy a set right away.

- George

I am exceptionally impressed with the speed of service and delivery your company has provided.  We installed the mats last night and, as advertised, they fit perfectly.  My wife had ordered Husky Liners for her Ford Escape years ago, and insisted we do so for our Fusion as well.  I now know why.  I am a Husky Liner fan for life.  Great customer service, outstanding product, and exceptionally quick delivery. 
Thank you all for your help!

- Adam

Thank you for the great service and a great product. On 09/08 I ordered the Gearbox Storage online and FEDEX delivered 09/11. It was simple to install within 5 minutes at the most. It looks and fits like it is part of the truck and quickly eliminated the clutter in the extended cab.

- Brad

Wow. That was fast. I received my order today! It was a gift for my husband to put in his new truck and it fit perfectly. Now I want husky mats for my truck.
Thank you!

- Jan

Thank you for a quality product delivered faster than I expected.

I installed the front and rear liners as well as the gearbox in my truck in less than 90 minutes. The included instructions were clear and easy to follow. The form and fit of the parts was very precise - tailor made for my truck. Just in time for mud and snow season: they look easy to clean.

I was using a big plastic bin to put by tools and emergency supplies in but, those all fit very nicely into the gearbox. Convenient for access yet stowed away until needed. Perfect design.

From careful packaging, correct parts, superior fit, flawless finish, speedy delivery, easy installation, to "feel good" factor - your product rocks. Thank you and please pass those thanks along to the rest of the hard working folks that are apparently building an awesome company one satisfied customer at a time.

I'm happily spreading the word.

- JD

My Husky liners have been an awesome product for me. I duck hunt a lot and track a lot of mud and snow into my truck. My carpet and mats underneath them are spotless. I highly recommend them to all of my buddies. If I purchase a new truck I will definitely choose the same liners. Have a great week.

- Jim

Thanks for the prompt reply. A Husky floor liner is ALWAYS the first thing I purchase when I buy a new vehicle. You have an outstanding product.

- David

I just got your mats for my new Equinox. Boy am I impressed. I don't think that they could be made to fit better if you tried. They fit perfect. I also have a set in my 2002 S-10, same story. Only one problem, I now have a set leftover from my 2012 Malibu that I just turned in. Oh well things could be worse. Thanks again for a GREAT American product.

- Jerry

I just wanted to say what a custom & super product your company makes. Our Chrysler 300 project just finished yesterday & I installed your product and as said totally impress with the fit & look of Huskyliners. Thank you again for your sponsorship and I will stop by your booth and say hello to your company.

- Roger

I have an 88 Jeep and I love your products! 

- John

Husky Liners products seem to speak for themselves,I have 2 sets of your front and back rubber mats as well as 2 cargo liners in my vehicles and I am more than pleased at their performance and durability. I hope your products NEVER CHANGE in how they last and perform.

- Tom

Got the front set of Mud Guards mounted and they are a perfect fit. Still a little cold in the work shop. Will do the back tomorrow. Thanks for the help. Ordered on Monday, got them on Tuesday. Pretty fast service.

- Orel

I want to thank you for an excellent product. Your liners fit better than the laser measured competitors that I had on my previous van. Thanks again!

- William

Thank you for the help. Really appreciate the quick responses. I have the weather beaters in my other truck and they are the BEST.

- James

I love your products!

- Joseph

Just what I ordered. Great fit and I like the quality...HEAVY DUTY! Would send others your way.

Review from AutoAccessoriesGarage.com - A Husky Liners Authorized Dealer


- Robert , drives a Dodge Ram 2500

I have used your floor liners in all my vehicles for years. They are the greatest. They are the only product that doesn't move and truly keeps debris on the liner. Thank you!

- Ron

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am, and have been with your product and customer service. I have bought your liners for my 2001 Ford SuperCrew, 2011 Chevy Suburban, and now, 2013 Ford SuperCrew. This latest purchase was made last Saturday and I received the liners either Monday or Tuesday.

Fantastic customer service!

Unfortunately, in this day and age, customer service like yours is few and far between - keep up the good work!


- Jay

Got the liners last week and they are great!  Thank you!

- Thomas

Thank you for making a trunk liner for the 2013 Hybrid Camry. Neither Toyota nor your competition make them for the Hybrid.

- Bob

Husky mud flaps for my 06 Tacoma. What a wonderful product. The fit was perfect , the look was even better. Ease of installation was simply amazing. Recommending product to everyone.

- Stan

I just received my 3rd set of Husky Liners in the last 15 years. Every time I sell my truck (every 5 yrs), the Floor Liners go with it. They look great evan after 5 years of use. These are the best Floor Liners. Outstanding quality and value. Thanks

- Robert

Just wanted to thank you guys for your quality products and the fact that you manufacture here in the U.S.

- Andrew

I had a 2000 Bravada that I had the Husky Lines in. I used them for 12.5 years and sold them for $50.00. They looked like new. A year ago I bought a set of floor liners for my 2013 Chevy Equinox. Today I bought a set of liners for my son's new 2014 Chevy Impala. I have several friends that own them, they are the best mats that I have ever used. They are made in America. Keep up the good work. I get tired of products coming out of China. USA!!!

- Dallen

Received the replacement front liners for our Prius Plug-In today. Thanks for the exceptional customer service and no hassles! I figured after some wear and tear, I'll order another set; but the liners are doing Great. What finally made me inquire about a replacment
was when my wife mentioned she got her left heel caught in that uncovered corner when getting in; only once, but then I forgot and then finally emailed.

We also have a 2003 Saturn Ion and 2004 Tacoma, but I guess these are older models and not listed for liners...But on our next vehicles I will buy Husky liners again! Perhaps I'll need to check your website to ensure you have liners prior to buying that vehicle.

Husky Liners are very durable, well made...much better than the factory mats that gets dirty easily, moves around, doesn't fully protect the carpet and are not easily cleaned/dried especially in the winter.

Many Thanks!


- Tadd

I just got my order in and they're beautiful!! I have your major competitor's products in a '12 Hyundai Sonata - and, honestly, wish I could turn back the calendar and change my mind. Right now, I like the looks - and the non-shift carpet spikes on YOUR floor mats and cargo liner better. Thank you!

- Tom

Why thank you very much, Husky mat's are in all seven of my vehicle's, I wish you made mats for John Deere tractors I would have them in eleven of my vehicles. Your product is the very best!

- Tyson

I am very happy with my Husky Weatherbeater Floorliners! I ordered them on Wednesday October 30th or Thursday October 31st and wasn't expecting to receive them until Tuesday November 5th. I was very pleasently surprised when they came on Saturday November 2nd! I set them out on the livingroom floor to relax them and put them in my Equinox on Sunday. They look great and fit great! They will keep my carpet clean through the winter months. Thank you for the great service!

- Debra

Mr Tyler,

I just wanted to let you know of a surprising pleasant experience I had dealing with technical support at Husky Liners.

On Sunday Aug 4th, I used your 'Contact Us' link to submit a note that I was having a technical issue ordering some liners for my Tahoe. I already had Husky Liners for the back and cargo area but decided to get some for the front. To my surprise I got a response back very quickly from Steve. I was even more surprised to see that he was an engineering manager. He was looking for some more information on how to reproduce the issue. Long story - short, he had the issue quickly fixed. ... and did I mention that this was all on a Sunday?

Anyway, the reason I'm writing is that I know that its difficult to know if you make a right decision. The desire to save money and off-shore your development team and customer support is powerful. I think it's great that you do it all in house and I, for one, will be a repeat customer. And I'll tell my friends.

So, just wanted you to keep up the good work. ... and maybe you should give Steve the afternoon off for working on Sunday. :)

- Thom

Just bought a set of Husky laser cut floor mats for a new 2014 GMC Sierra. They actually are nicer than the competition's liners in my old truck.

- Tom

Hello Husky Liners. Today I received the replacement liners for my 2012 Chevy Silverado 2500HD, Standard Cab, with a vinyl floor and a mounted manual 4X4 shifter. Even though after contacting you two years ago, after purchasing my truck, to inquire if the classic style floor liners would be suitable to use on a vinyl floor, you specifically said you do not recommend these liners for a vinyl floor. Knowing your floor liners are of complete quality and because of the great success I had with them during the fifteen years I used the classic floor liners, front and rear, in my 1998 Jeep Wrangler prior to selling it and my wife had front classic floors liners in her 2004 Jeep Wrangler as well, therefore, I decided to purchase them anyway and deal with the consequences, if any. Obviously the mistake of purchasing the classic style liners was mine. For the past two years I tolerated the liners shifting under my feet and recently noticed minor scratches appearing on the vinyl floor. On Monday, April 14, 2014 I contacted you again with the concern knowing I need to replace the classic style liners before the minor scratches become large slits on the vinyl floor. At that point in time I was prepared to purchase a different style of floor liners or mats. Knowing the mistake was mine for not purchasing the right floor liners and knowing there was absolutely nothing wrong with my current liners, in other words there were no warranty issues, you graciously and willingly replaced my floor liners. You did not only replace the liners you went above and beyond and made them out of a different material that is more suitable to accommodate my vinyl floor at no charge to me as well as applied free shipping . This type of customer service is recommendable and outstanding! Yes, I am a long time customer and I will remain a long time customer. But this is something you, as a business, did not have to do for me, the customer. With that being said, I am sincerely thankful and grateful for your understanding, consideration, and kindness. 


- Aaron

I had a Husky liner in my Jeep Cherokee and it was a much better liner than the factory one. I carry a lot of wet items (Scuba Diving Gear) in the cargo area and the lip on the factory Subaru liner is very shallow especially where it meets the tailgate - it is only about 1/2 inch high at most. I am afraid water will slosh out at this point. I never had this problem with the Husky Liner in my Jeep because it was quite a bit higher. Also the Husky Liner I had in my Jeep was very rugged and never tore or split even when I laid the seats down and had heavy items laying on the liner causing the liner lip to flatten out. I had the Jeep and that liner for 15 years and it worked just as well at age 15 as it did at day 1. I believe the Husky Liner is much better quality than the factory liner. I am hopeful that you will produce a cargo liner for the 2014 Forester as I will be the first to purchase one because it is a great product.

- Joyce

I wanted to commend your company on making a great product. I have used the competition's floor liners for years now. I recently purchased a Honda Insight and decided to give your product a try. I have to admit that it fit better, covered more, was less expensive, equal to better quality and better feeling underfoot. Not only was it grippier under my shoes when getting in and out due it feeling more like rubber, the spikes on the reverse side kept them in place better than the competition. Great product, I only wish I had tried them sooner. I am officially a converted customer. Thanks again for an outstanding, affordable, American product.

- Daniel

Just a note, put the received Quad Caps on, fit and applied like a charm. I'm very happy with this product on my 2012 Silverado, matches the factory tail gate liner to a T. Wanted to thank you for the extra ordinary service you gave me, it was too much. I sure appreciate American made products. THANKS AGAIN!!

- Steve

Fits great and well worth the money to save the carpet from possible damage. Would buy again for my next vehicle.

Review from AutoAccessoriesGarage.com - A Husky Liners Authorized Dealer


- Greg , drives a Ford Edge

I just purchased a new GMC SLT crew cab and your mats fit perfectly! I've always had Husky Liners in all my vehicles. I'm a fishing guide and I am always getting in and out of my truck with wet feet or shoes - with light grey (titanium) interior. Thanks!

- Allan

I now own a complete set of Husky Liners in my 2004 Silverado. This is the 3rd vehicle I've had them in and I love them! The fit is perfect and the quality is great. I'm a Kansas native and a Pitt State Alumni and love the fact these are made in Kansas and the founder of the company is also a Pitt State grad. Go Gorillas!! Thanks for an awesome product.

- Jason

Got the front liners last night and they fit perfectly. I am very happy with the product and the customer service. I will make sure to recommend Husky Liners to all my friends and family.

- Talha

I received my floor liners and installed them yesterday and they fit perfectly. I’m very pleased with your product.

- Michel

Just a quick note to say I just purchased some of your mud flaps from an ebay distributor. I made this purchase of your products for two reasons: 1. made in the USA and 2. you support racing. Thanks for being an American company and supporting NASCAR!

- Pat

The Floor Liners came in on time and look great in my wife's car!

- Allan

I can't imagine having a car without your liners in them. They are amazing!

- Christian

Thank you for your prompt delivery, easy ordering, and attention to detail re: delivery etc.. Mudflaps fit precisely and pre-drilled holes even matched existing factory screw locations. Never happened previously in my 60 years of car ownership and mudflaps. You can be assured I will reference my buds to your company. You guys rock !

- W. Sourbeck

Recently purchased your WeatherBeater floor mat set and love them!

- Josh

A quick note to let you know I did receive my Husky Liners Floor Liner for the 2013 Durango last Thursday and the best part is it fits PERFECTLY around the sidewalls (something the competition could not do). 

- Tony

I had to write you to tell you, that you were the ONLY company around that sold floor mats for my 2014 Hyndai Sonata Turbo (limited) I searched and searched the other company, whom I shall not mention and they HAD NOTHING, but you shined through! Those mats were on my doorstep TWO days later!!! I LOVE them!!!!! Best floor mats ever, easy to clean, they look sharp and fit perfect. I was on a photography trip with my friends, and when they got into my car with their camera gear, and muddy feet, they were all worried that t hey would dirty my rugs, and I said "dirt away" I have Husky Floor Mats, I'm not worried and anyone that knows me, knows that i am VERY particular on my car, but you put all the confidence back in me. I now allow people to ride in my backseat once again. I cannot make this stuff up. I don't like dirty feet in my car, now I don't worry. Now i have to order the one for my trunk. I just want to thank you for the BEST product ever. I wish you could see the smile on my face when I talk about Husky liners. I brag about them all the time and show them off to my friends and family. You're truly the best Husky and I am a lifetime customer!! Thank you for saving my car. 


- Susan

Thank you. Recently purchased Weather Beater liners for our Mazda CX-5 and the fit like a glove, just perfect! We know they will hold up too, we have a set in our 2008 GMC pickup too. Again, many thanks!

- Dave

Just wanted to share that both my wife and I have Husky Liners in all of our Jeeps and would not use any other they are great.

- Jim

Got home today and low and behold they already delivered my Husky Liners! Fits like a glove. Thanks for the great service. I will definitely recommend Husky to everyone I know.

- Lenn

I got the new floor liners and they are outstanding!!!
They fit like a glove.

- Greg

Hi, I'm very happy with the Husky Liners I bought for my 2013 Ford Focus last fall. After the snowiest winter in history here in Detroit, they did a great job of saving my carpet and general interior. Your product is a good tight fit and was competitively priced. Keep up the good work!


- Bruce

For those vehicle owners out there who have not yet tried your Husky Liners Weatherbeaters line of products, they should know that if they ever did place this floor protection system in their vehicle, they would "NEVER" want to go back to the shifting and the substandard protection of traditional vehicle floor coverings.
When I see people looking at floor mats in the brick and mortar stores, if the opportunity presents itself, I tell them about your Weatherbeaters floor mats. I mention how they are precision laser fit/measured to cover all floor surfaces and how the raised lip on the outer edges serves to effectively retain dirt, moisture, etc. I explain further that the above line of Weatherbeaters floor mats are far more reasonable in price than the competitor of yours. I always tell them that they are warrantied for life.

- Michael

I wasn't aware of your Lifetime Warranty. Your competition does not have one. You guys blow them out of the water hands down. I'm going to go like you guys on facebook and show your product off on my forums. I wish your company continued success.

- Danny

Just received my Mud Guards and they look and fit great.  I am so glad I ordered them from your company.  Can't wait to have my son help me install them.  They are a great product!

- Anthony

I am VERY pleased with this product! The mud and salt on these mats is proof of how well they work at keeping my carpet clean.

Review from AutoAccessoriesGarage.com - A Husky Liners Authorized Dealer


- Brian , drives a Ford Flex

Rarely do I get a genuine smile on my face when I receive something in the mail. This is the second time I've ordered Husky Liners, and a second time I've had a big toothy grin after installing them. Once back in 2006 for a Nissan Murano, and more recently for a 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid. Just wanted to write a Thank you for the great products you sell. A+ from packaging, to shipping, to ease of installation, and the lifetime guarantee. Just a great experience all around. I look forward to the snow, ice, and mud I will put these through.

- Doug

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how thrilled I am with the front mud guards I ordered for my 07 Tacoma. Installation was quick and easy, they're guaranteed for life, and they were ONE FIFTH the price of replacements from Toyota. How can I go wrong?

- Scott

Hi, I'm on my fourth set of Husky Liners and I just bought your mats for my new 2012 4 Runner. I do love these mats and would never have any others. Thanks.

- Tom

Did some research and the Husky Liners looked to be an excellent product. Ordered the liner. Installation was a snap, took all of 5 seconds to install in the trunk. Liner looks to be of high quality and the fit is perfect. I would recommend this product to a friend.

Review from AutoAccessoriesGarage.com - A Husky Liners Authorized Dealer


- Rod , drives a Ford Fusion

I have a 1998 Jeep Wrangler that Husky Liners used to take measurements off of at Davis-Moore Jeep in Wichita, KS to design the "Classic" style of liners to fit a Wrangler back in '98. After 15 years of use they are in just as good a shape as the day I bought them.

- Lyle

We have a set of your liners in our Jeep and love them! They hold up well and they definitely protect the interior of your vehicle.

- Natalie

I received the 2nd row WeatherBeater liner. I have had your competitor's liners for about 5 vehicles and just wanted to say that the stay put nibs on these liners have outdone them. Also, nice look rather than the old "work truck" look of Husky liners. Anxiously awaiting protection for the middle of my captains chairs and 3rd row....

- Kathy

As soon as I got your photos I got on the web and ordered a set in gray just like the ones in the photos.  They arrived today and I installed them. They fit perfect, look great and are made even better than the ones I bought years ago for a Ford F-150 I used to own.  I really appreciate the extra mile you went to for me;  it made all the difference in helping me verify that I was buying exactly what I needed.

- Bruce

I purchased a pair of front mud guards for my 06 Tacoma truck which fit perfectly and were so easy to install. Just a quick note to say Thanks.

- John

When we took our 2013 Jeep JK to Moab, Utah for the Easter Jeep Safari, we knew we were going to getting a little dirty. Thanks to the Husky Liners we put in, our Jeep had the rugged interior finish necessary to take the red rock and all else we threw at them! These are a definite must for anyone, whether you're a weekend warrior or an avid crawler!

- Wesley

I just wanted to pass along my gratitude and enthusiasm of my purchase from you guys...they're fantastic

- Andy

I had Husky liners in my 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid & LOVED them. They protected my carpet & kept it like new, retaining my resale value. I just bought a 2013 Kia Sportage EX & can't find Husky Liners for it. When will you have liners available? Please tell me you'll make some. I don't want to ruin my carpeting, and I don't want to buy a competing brand...they AREN'T as good!

- Shannon

This is my second set of liners. I had them in my 2004 super duty, and when I bought my 2011 sold my old liners for $75.00 because they were still in almost new condition. They worked perfectly and that's why I'm buying another set for my 2001.

- Brad

I wanted to thank you for helping me out. The new floor mat fits perfect. I appreciate everything you did to make me happy. They really are the best liners on the market.

- Deedra

I just received and installed the WeatherBeater floor liners for my New Ford Focus, and am very pleased ! I live in Canada and our winters are very wet, snowy, and cold, and these floor mats will be perfect for protecting my vehicle ! They shipped fast, they fit perfectly, and look amazing! They cost the same as the floor mats the dealership was offering me, yet they are a million times more durable and more protective! Thank you Husky Liners, I will be using you for all my future vehicles :)

- Megan

For those vehicle owners out there who have not yet tried your Husky Liners Weatherbeaters line of products, they should know that if they ever did place this floor protection system in their vehicle, they would "NEVER" want to go back to the shifting and the substandard protection of traditional vehicle floor coverings.

When I see people looking at floor mats in the brick and mortar stores, if the opportunity presents itself, I tell them about your Weatherbeaters floor mats. I mention how they are precision laser fit/measured to cover all floor surfaces and how the raised lip on the outer edges serves to effectively retain dirt, moisture, etc. I explain further that the above line of Weatherbeaters floor mats are far more reasonable in price than the competitor of yours. I always tell them that they are warrantied for life.

- Michael

Dear Customer Service,

I purchased my first pair of Husky Front Floor Liners in 1992 when I purchased my brand new 1992 Toyota 4-Runner. Living in Idaho they have been through 20 years of mud, snow, salt, sand, 2 dogs and over 335,000 miles of wear and tear during the past twenty years. They have withstood the abrasive sand of the Oregon Coast, to chemicals, paints, solvents, oil and gas from working in an airplane hanger, to countless trips to the mountains hunting, skiing and everyday use.

After 20 years a small hole finally appeared in the location where my right heel rubs while on the gas pedal, this is after 335,000 miles and most of the time I wear heavy work boots. I never thought I would have the vehicle for 20 years nor did I think the Husky Floor Liners would last 5 or 10 years, let alone 20 years and they are still in great shape. While I'm sure from an economic standpoint you might have wished they didn't last that long so I would have to buy new ones. However, during the last 20 years every family member has purchased them for their vehicles and I have recommended them to many friends and co-workers to purchase them. So I would say that the quality and durability has come ten-fold.

The rear tailgate area Husky Liner is still fully intact after 20 years of loading and unloading everything I could pack out of the hardware store, including sharp tools, hammers, saws, rocks, bricks, bags of cement and landscaping timbers while building a house; Two Labrador dogs; skis, hunting and fishing equipment; countless loads of sharp-hard petrified wood from the mountains for my landscaping; and countless bags of groceries.

The Husky products I own have proven to be an example of the finest American quality and craftsmanship that American factories were once known for. I just wanted to share with you my experience with your Husky products over the past 20 years and I look forward to protecting my next vehicle with the same style of liners.

- Randy

Hi, I've been a big fan of your products for some time!

- Will

These Husky floor mats are so nice. I bought a 1997 Subaru for winter driving and these fit perfectly and keep all the snow, ice and water contained on the mats. I would highly recommend them.

Review from AutoAccessoriesGarage.com - A Husky Liners Authorized Dealer


- Idaho Momma , drives a Subaru Impreza

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for a quality product, fit and finish are spot on. I run 255/70R22.5 rims on my one ton dually with some very aggressive Goodyear G622s. The mud flaps clear and they look great. Thanks for a quality product.

- Cris

I have been in "ongoing" communication with your product manager engineer. He has gone above and beyond in demonstrating patience with me in regards to addressing my inquiries concerning the impending availability of the front and rear seating area WeatherBeater floor liners as well as the trunk WeatherBeater cargo area liners for my "2014" Chevrolet Impala.
Your engineer does have my name in his database folder and he told me that he will let me know when they do become available. I look forward to that point in time. I will purchase them promptly directly from you once they become available. Last time, about a year ago, I purchased them through amazon.com where I am recognized as one of their top rated product reviewers and I even provided a copy/paste of the positive/lengthy/detailed Weatherbeaters review for the front, rear, and cargo area Weatherbeaters items.
Mr. Bower will be following up with me when the items will become available and thanks for offering your loyal, satisfied customers such as myself the opportunity to experience 10% off on this highly functional, stable, and quality product.

- Michael

Thank you, your Floor Liners are the best!

- Ralph

Love the X-act Contour liners so far. Much better quality than the competition.

Review from AutoAccessoriesGarage.com - A Husky Liners Authorized Dealer


- JBD , drives a Toyota Tundra

The WeatherBeater style Floor Liners look like they will be perfect for my work vehicle. I put your company's floor mats into my 3 year old Silverado and they have been lifesavers. I will probably place an order for the Malibu tonight after work. Thanks again!

- Scott

Thank you so much for the timely response.

We love your products!

- Ron

You guys have a great product. This will be my 3rd set of mud guards, floor liners and cargo mats.

- James

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I received the replacement passenger side mat from the FedEx man today! I just want to say thank you very much for working with me to resolve this issue! It was refreshing to get prompt customer service/satisfaction from you and the company you represent. Thank you again and I will be sure to recommend this product to ALL my friends!

- Trinidad

You have a great product.  I have put them in all of my vehicles, and bought them for others as gifts as well.  I have tried other liners before, and none have fit or performed as well.  Thanks again.

- Jeff

Thank you so much for the SPEEDY delivery!!  I've been a fan of your floor mats for years!! More business coming your way.


- Ben

Thank you for the update and the speedy service provided by everyone involved.

This is my 3rd set of Husky Liners. The first set was in a SUV I purchased used several years ago. I was so impressed with the overall cleanliness of that vehicle and I gave much of the credit to the floor liners. The seller told me they were purchased for him by a family member as a gift. I have continued adding them to each car I purchase.

This purchase is for my 18 year old son for Christmas. He just purchased a mid size pickup truck. While I would like to think he will take care of it and keep it clean I felt I could boost the efforts by getting him these floor liners "they truly work".

Again, Thank you and everyone involved for your exceptional customer service.


- Jeff

I recently ordered a set of your classic floor liners for my 2013 GMC Sierra, these items arrived quickly, fit and look great and I'm sure they will hold up as well as the Husky Liner sets I have previously purchased. When I traded in my 2006 GMC Sierra the Husky Liners looked almost as good as the day I purchased them, they should serve the new owner well for many more years. The reason I made this purchase was that in the past every time I purchased a truck or car I would order a set of your companies floor liners and or a trunk liner either via the Internet or through one of your local representatives, I have also purchased the trunk liners on a couple of occasions as gifts to friends and family members. At this point I have l lost count of how many times or how many Husky Liner items I have purchased. I try to keep my vehicles in good mechanical / appearance condition which enables me to get a better resale and sell the vehicles in a quicker amount of time; your floor liners make that task so much easier. I just received your attached pamphlet and I'm considering a set of your bed rail protectors. Thanks and keep up the good work

- Neil

I just wanted to let you know I received my liners and I love them. They look and feel great. The fit is perfect too.

- Ryan , Restyling & Truck Accessories Magazine

Hey all I can say is: I have a 1999 4runner I got in 1998, threw in Husky Liners first month...now, 210,000 miles later, I still can barely see any wear on them, they look a year old, not 14 years !!!! OK, so then I got a Yaris in 2010, and got the competition....well, they are OK but suck compared to Husky when it comes to holding snow and crap off my carpet!! So now I am getting a new Tacoma and back to Husky. Competition is laser-fit....whatever, they still allow salt and crap over the edge. That equals suck. So, I am back to Husky...

- Ed

I just wanted to say what an awesome company you guys are. Your company has never let me down with any of its products and that is important when i'm choosing a product I can trust to not let me done and one that also stands behind its products as well. Please keep up the good work.

- Raymond

I was going to buy Floor Liners from your competetor that advertised on the outdoor channel. I saw your logo on Erica Enders car at Reading, Pa. and found that you had picked up her sponsorship. Today I ordered front and rear Floor Liners from Husky Liners from the Sportsman Guide. I will always support companies that support Drag Racing. Thank you!

- Sal

You have outstanding customer service bar none!

- Dane

Received the floor liners for my jeep, they are perfect, WOW! way did I wait so long
to get them. I have showed many friends the liners, very impressed.

- Paul

Thank you very much for your help. Customer service is top notch.

- Joe

I had the Classic Style Floor Liners in my 2007 Toyota and just loved them. They protected my floor so well, when I traded it in on the 2014 model, the floors looked like the truck hadn't been driven, even though it had 98,000 miles on it!

- George

I love your products in my Tacoma and they work great!

- Evan

I bought my truck a few weeks ago and the first thing I realized is the poor floor mats that came with it only covered half the floor. I found these on AAG and they arrived quickly and I was impressed how they fit like a glove, better than the ones that came with it, and how they covered almost the whole driver and passenger floor perfectly fit on each contour and as an added bonus the color fits right in and looks great with the interior.

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- Jacob , drives a Toyota Tundra

I just wanted to commend Husky Liners for excellent customer service! I had an issue (one of my floor mats was stolen!) which was resolved beyond my expectations, and I have told 3 people about it today. It is rare to find a company who goes above and beyond anymore. Thanks Husky!! Your company made my day!

- Lynda

Want to thank Husky team for helping me locate a dealer, that had samples on hand. I was even surprised that they had the Weatherbeater in Stock. So I got my products neatly installed and I'm awaiting the rain season now.

- Anthony

Just wanted to thank you for the time and effort in getting me a special set of gray liners. They fit and look great! I've ordered 4 sets of your competitor's liners in the past. Husky Liners just earned a new customer.

- Brian

I have a complete set of floor mats for my Chevy Pickup and I am extremely happy with them.

- Don

I have had a set of Husky liners in my 1994 Grand Cherokee since it was new and I think your product is the best on the market.

- Greg

Your products are the greatest.  I've had them in every vehicle I've owned for the past ten years and when I go to sell them, I put the factory mats back in and the vehicle looks unused.

- Tim

Thank you very much for your prompt response to my question.  I have Husky Liners on my 2003 Explorer now and I have to say, they are a class act.  Keep the good products coming!

- Vern

I would like to thank you for a great product  I have a landscaping business, needless to say I get a lot of dirt and mud in the floor of my truck.  I recently purchased a 2001 GMC Sierra.  I also purchased your Husky Liners for the front.  I thought this would be a great product to keep the carpet protected from dirt and mud.  I liked the features it has with the molded sides that trap the dirt in the mat.  One day my wife asked me to take a pot of soup to my daughter's school, so I did.  While transporting this pot of soup I had to make a stop.  While turning into the driveway I hit a pothole and all of the soup spilled in my $33,000 new truck.  I was not a "Happy Camper."  I stopped the truck and got out and to my surprise your product had contained all of the soup in the liner.  The only soup that got into my carpet was the portions that splashed when the soup overturned.  Again, I would just like to thank you for a great product and let you know I will be purchasing the liner for the back seat also.

- Blake

Thanks for making a product that actually delivers on the advertising claims!  I am a duck hunter, and believe me, the dog and I can drag some nasty stuff into the truck at times.  I have the rear cargo liner for the dog and decoys, the second row liner to protect the truck from the kids, and, we've had the front liners almost since the truck was new.  We get compliments on our ten year old truck all the time, and I am sure they are due, in part, to the clean carpet -- thanks to the Husky Liners.

- Jeff

My eight-year-old mats were used for 280,000 miles and provided excellent protection for my truck's carpeting.  I work on a farm, so they were subjected to plenty of grit and grime.  Thanks for making such a superior product!

- John

I just wanted to write to let you know how much I enjoy using your products.  I have used the floor liner for my F-250 Super Duty for the past eight years on two separate trucks.  The liner has been a nice protectant to the carpet because I work out of the truck running a lawn maintenance business.  They are also easy to wash.  Thanks for providing a great durable product.

- Kurt

Husky Liners makes an outstanding product.  The mats do a terrific job of keeping my carpets covered (and clean) and I have strongly recommended your product to many people.

- Harold

I wanted to let you know how great my Husky Liners have performed.  I purchased them 4 years ago for my truck and can't imagine having a truck without them.  They are extremely durable and fit like a glove. 

- Dale

Husky Liners are the best, they fit perfect.  I purchased your products through Cabela's catalog.  I first purchased the Cargo Liner for my hunting trips a few months ago, I then purchased the Front and Back Seat Liner shortly after that, they fit perfect.  Thanks for a decent product.

- Ray

I had a 1997 Explorer and purchased a full set of liners for it and thought they were great, I love the new "sta-nibs."  Your products are very solid and keep getting better!

- Gregory

I have your liners in a 2004 Dodge 2500 SLT Cummins Diesel and absolutely love them.  Thanks for making a real floor mat (liner) that works excellent.  Up in Canada they are the only way to go.

- Chris

I just want to let you know how happy I am with your Husky floor liners.  With all of the hunting and fishing we do I felt it would be a good investment to buy liners for the front and back seats.  I have a Mitsubishi Montero Sport and two boys.  Up until now I have been constantly telling them to keep their feet on the mats.  The mats I had previously were the narrow brand X ones that kept sliding around on the floor.  I would usually find them pushed up under the front seats and leaving the rear floor dirty.  You have a fantastic product. 

- Dave

We just purchased a set of mud guards for our silverado dually.  My husband was so pleased with the way they installed that he wanted to let you know you have an excellent product.  He said, "Finally, something that is supposed to be easy really is!"  Thanks for making our day easier.

- Terri

I moved from Wichita, KS up to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area about four years ago now and your friendliness and willingness to help reminded me of what I love about the people from Kansas.  I am a big fan of your products (and now your company) and plan on getting more Husky Liners products for my Blazer.

- Jason

Just to let you know, I received new mud guards and everything worked perfect! Thank you for your help.  You guys make some awesome products.  I already have the Husky floor mats for the inside, and they're just great, especially during the Michigan winters.  Thanks again.

- Michael

I just recently purchased your custom fit mud guards for my 2008 F-150 Extended Cab pickup truck.  The mud guards were exactly what I was looking for and the fit was perfect.  The instructions were right on the mark.  The installation went exactly as described, I only had to drill one new hole at each wheel well to mount each mud guard.  I would highly recommend these mud guards to anyone and your online service and delivery was great.

- Jerry

I put on the Husky Liner Mud Guards and they fit like a glove.  They also look very nice.  Great product, fast shipping, this customer is satisfied!

- Gregory

There is an old saying, "You get what you pay for."  I ordered up a set of mud guards for my 2005 Chevy 3500 HD Silverado dually.  The fit and ease of installation was outstanding!  Everything lined up perfectly.  Whatever you people are doing, keep doing it.  I had originally ordered a set from one of your competitors....they were junk!  I sent them back.  I see yours were made in the USA.  American quality...nice to see for a change.

- Ray

I wanted to thank you for the quick and courteous way you handled my request for replacement paint protection film.  It was my fault that the film with the mud guards was damaged and still replacements were sent at no charge.  I will again buy and recommend Husky Liners products.

- Jane

Excellent job on these mud guards.  They could not have been done better.  It is nice to see a company create a good product for a vehicle not a lot of companies cater to.

- Eric

I purchased your mud guards in 2001 for my 1999 GMC Sierra Sportside, new body style.  I am very pleased with the product thus far.  The mold compliments the vehicle so well, that it looks like an OEM product.  I have had great difficulty finding this type of product even from GM.  Great job and thank you!

- Richard

I recently purchased and installed your custom molded mud guards on my 2002 Ford Super Duty pickup truck.  I found these products to be very high quality and easy to install.  The rear dual wheel mud guards are the easiest and best I have ever seen.  The front guards are great to.  Thanks for producing a high quality product!

- David

Recently, I bought a pair of mud guards for my GMC crew cab truck.  I love them!!  Great product...what was interesting was the 3M scuff guard material that you wet with soap, put on the truck, let dry, and it protects the paint finish from the mud guard.

- Chad

I would like to thank your company for standing behind their product.  This day and age, I think it is great that a company will be concerned about a customer's satisfaction.  The Husky Mud Guards added just the right touch to the appearance of my new Silverado 2500HD and I've received many compliments.  I ordered the truck with large tires and your product provides not only the neat appearance but the protection needed due to the wide tires.

- Richard

The Husky Liners in our 4Runner, both front and rear, fit as though they were installed at the Toyota factory.  We have yet to see anything anywhere close to matching their quality and fit. I've been on this earth for a long time but have never had better treatment from a business or commercial enterprise, expecially since the transaction was based on trust alone.  We want to thank you for what you did.

- John

I just received the new floor liner and it fits perfectly.  Thanks again for the best-in-class customer support and great products.

- Jim

I really like using your products, they always fit and the quality is very good.  I have used the floor liners and mud guards on my last 4 trucks and I gave my father-in-law a set when he bought his new truck.

- Jim

Thank you for your response to my concern.  It is refreshing to deal with someone who understands customer service.  I will certainly keep that in mind when I have need for similar products.

- Harold

It is refreshing to deal with a company who stands behind their product and takes any complaint or problem seriously.  I will definitely refer anyone I know who is looking for quality liners to protect their car to your products.  Thank you!

- Donna

You have excellent customer service!  Tell your crew they are doing a great job. 

- John

I am writing to let you know that you have fantastic products and an even better customer service staff.  They went beyond the call of duty to help me with my problem.  I did not expect that level of customer service.  It is that kind of customer service that makes satisfied customers and loyal customers.

- Clark

You guys are great.  Husky Liners puts out a great product and has impeccable customer service.  In an age of automated greetings and push button menus, Husky Liners has kept dealing with people, with people not computers.  Thanks for that.

- Hogan

You guys should be the model that other sites are judged by, you respond quickly and take care of the customers problems quickly and efficiently.

- Mike

I wanted to commend your Company for your excellent customer service and quick resolution to the problem I was having. Your company is the epitomy of what a quality company should be.  The way you expedited taking care of my problem and making sure that the problem was taken care of is the way companies should be, although this is all too often not the case, your company is one of the few shining examples of the best in customer service in a quality company, willing to do whatever is necessary to satisfy a customer.  I want your company to know how much I appreciated your timely response and resolution of the problem.

- Mike

I am writing to let you know about the excellent service I received from your company in purchasing my Subaru Outback Husky Liners.  I am a proud owner and the color and fit are a perfect blend in my 2001 Outback.  I can hardly wait for the Pacific Northwest rain, slush, and tree needles which invade my vehicle.  In the meantime, I'm show-and-telling my Husky Liners to all my Outback friends.

- Miriam

I have the heavy duty mats from the factory in my daughters jeep from the previous generation. While they do the job and are heavy duty, they're just okay. Had your mats in quite a few Chevy full size trucks. Even moved them truck to truck after trading the old ones in. Some of your heavy duty mats have been in 3 vehicles and I have to say they're all still like new! I also have to admit that I had tried mats from your competition and they never fit as well as yours and I usually ended up returning them. I do have to laugh because they're now advertising on national radio! Thank you for your honest response.

- Scott

I just wanted to let you know that you have a great product that really works.  I have a set in my Chevy Pickup and have been totally satisfied since the day I bought them.  Keep up the good work!

- John

I am the proud owner of a set of grey front floor liners for my 2000 Chevy Silverado.  I bought them when the truck was new, 193,000 miles ago.  I have developed a hole in the driver's side liner under my right heel.  Because of your lifetime warranty, I was able to get a replacement set.

- Jay

I have your Husky Liners in both my wife and my Jeep Grand Cherokees and are extremely happy with how they work.

- Mark

I've been happy with your floor mats and many friends have purchased your fine product after seeing mine.  After 250,000 miles I have finally worn throught on the drivers side.  Thanks to your lifetime warranty, I received a replacement set!

- Elliott

I am very happy with the Husky Liner product.  In 1998, I purchased Husky Liners for my new 1998 GMC Jimmy and they have been great!  They fit perfect and have lasted 5 years and are still good.  Originally I thought I would use the stock carpet mats occasionally, but I don't because I like the Husky Liners.  Thanks for making a good product at a good price.  I have recommended these to a lot of people.

- David

It is nice to come back to the truck after rock climbing and snowshoeing and not worry about dirty, wet and muddy boots.  Your products are fantastic.

- Darryl

I ordered the floor liners and I am very happy with the product and pleased with the fit!  Thanks!

- Steve

I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciated hearing back from you after I emailed you a question.  I have a set of your  liners in my 1998 Ranger and am extremely happy with them.

- Fran